This gallery is an assortment of cattle crops and activities that are common here at Autauga Farming Company. We hope you enjoy your look around!

Photos by Mary Conway

This gallery is a collection of photos by Mary Conway. Mary does an excellent job of showing the unique diversity we have in our cow herd and particularly the calf crop here at Autauga Farming Company. She has a real knack for capturing the essence of the animal as well as the diversity of it’s surroundings. This is just a sampling of her work.

Photos by Kathy Fuller

Kathy does a masterful job of making our farm look spectacular. Things we see every day as ordinary take on a new look with her photography. It makes us realize that there is beauty and uniqueness right here on the farm every day, even if we don’t recognize it right away.

Farm Photos

During the spring and summer months, a lot of different activities go on around the farm. Planting summer crops, maintaining those crops, as well as harvesting our fall planted crops are all just a few of the things that we do during the summer. These photos give you a general idea of what’s going on down on the farm…